Sex Positions To Conceive A Boy Baby

It’s becoming more widely known that there are natural ways that you can influence your baby’s gender or sex. One of the easiest (and totally free) of these methods is using specific intercourse or sexual positions. In this article, I will discuss what are the best sexual positions for you to use if you are trying to conceive or get pregnant with a boy baby. I’ll also tell you the science behind why this works.

Why The Sexual Positions You Use When Trying To Conceive Affect The Gender Of Your Baby: Most every one knows that intercourse positions can affect whether you have a boy or a girl, but not everyone fully understands why this is true. Your baby’s gender is determined by which sperm chromosome reaches and fertilizes the egg first. There are both Y (boy) and X (girl) chromosomes. Both race to the egg, but each have different characteristics. Y sperm are very fast, but are also extremely weak. X sperm are not the fastest, but are by far the strongest.

If you are trying to conceive a boy baby, this is important to know because you will have to downplay the Y sperm’s weakness. These guys start to deteriorate and die off very quickly. So, you’ll need to do several things to help to compensate for this. The sexual positions that you chose is one way to control this.

The Best Intercourse And Sexual Positions For A Baby Boy Conception: To get pregnant with a male baby, you’ll want to use positioning that places the sperm as close as possible to the egg. This gives the weak little guys a short trip and limits their time in a hostile vaginal environment.

The best known positions for a deposit very close to the cervix is rear entry where the woman is typically lying on her stomach, but has her knees in a sitting position. Another variation has the woman sitting up with bent knees on the edge of the bed or on the floor. You can use a pillow to raise your pelvis even further for an even deeper deposit.

Many people think that the missionary position is good for a girl conception and this is true if you are using it in the traditional way, but a little variation on this technique can achieve very deep penetration that is effective for conceiving a boy. If the woman bends and holds her knees or places her legs at the man’s neck or shoulders (sometimes called the anvil position), then the proper penetration can be easily achieved. Again, using a pillow to raise your pelvis can make this even more effective.

Additional Things You’ll Need To Do When Trying To Conceive A Boy: Sexual positioning is one part of the equation, but it’s not the only part. You’ll need to do everything that you can to give the Y sperm the best chance, considering their relative weakness. Another way to do this is by having intercourse on the day of or the day following ovulation. You will need a reliable ovulation predictor to ensure success because accuracy is vital here. You can’t just guess.

You will also need to alkalize your body and your vagina. Remember, Y sperm can not withstand a hostile environment and a high PH and acidity is about as hostile as you can get. You can achieve a lower PH by going on a low acid diet and / or by douching. The best and easiest way to start is to test your PH with testing strips that you can get a health food store or on the web. Then, you will know how far you need to go to get your optimum PH. And, the douche solutions that will work best for will depend on this reading.

You can use the either or method (either foods or douching) or you can combine both of these for even quicker, more dramatic results. And, you can continue to test with the strips so you will know exactly when you are ready to conceive your son.

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